With groupanic, you can easily create your own social network.



Let your users create custom profiles and define profile options with specific questions that your members can (or must) answer.

User Groups

Categorize your members into different user groups. Create private user groups, that only admins can assign and/or public user groups, that your members can select upon registration.


Let your members earn points based on their participation. Customize the points system and define how your members can earn points or rewards.


Set up custom ranks to rate the members who participate the most in your community in a fun way.



Signup and Login

Allow your users to sign up and to create their own account on your website.

Access Control

Create a public community allowing anyone to join, or restrict sign up to invited members. You can even require manual approval of new members by your admins.

External Login

Allow your members to easily log in and/or sign up using Facebook, Google+ and others.


Media Management

Share Photos

Let your users upload photos to share them with other members.

Share Videos

Allow your users to upload videos from their computer or share external videos (e.g. from YouTube).

Albums and Tags

Keep your photos and videos organized in your albums and categorize them with tags.


Allow your members to comment on photos and videos.


Event Management


Let your users create, share and organize events in your community.

Invite and Participate

Invite your members to events and allow them to confirm their presence.


Organize the events of your community in a central calendar.

News Feed
News Feed



Send and receive messages from other members privately and securely.


Create unlimited discussion boards and organize them in categories and/or sub-forums. Allow members to subscribe to forums and topics to get notified on new topics/replies.

Chat Rooms

Create chat rooms for your members to allow them to chat in groups.

News Feed

Post updates with photos, videos and links and share them with your members in real-time.

News Feed Video
Groups Groups Videos


Create Groups

Let your users create own groups for common interests.

Photos and Videos

Your users can share photos and videos with other members of the group.


Each group has its own forum to allow members to discuss within the group.


Organize and control your social network in your admin dashboard.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Available Disk Space

Check the amount of space available on the site for photos, videos and other files and upgrade if necessary.

Team Members

Get an overview of your admins and moderators.


Keep track of the visitors of your site, the number of new members and the pages that were viewed most on a daily basis.

Administrator Activities

Always stay up to date with the latest administration activities of your team members.


Custom Design


Choose one of many attractive and modern themes for your website - all of them fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Your Design

Take full control of your design and customize all colors and background images. You can even use custom CSS codes to edit practically everything.



Custom Menu

Completely customize your main menu and footer menu by adding and editing as many items as you like. Easily sort your items by drag & drop.

Custom Links

Add menu items to own pages or to external websites.



Content Management System

Create unlimited own pages with your admin team using our drag & drop page builder.

Edit System Pages

Easily add own content to the system pages of your social network.



Earn Money

Use our integrated ad manager to add banners or ad codes (for example Google Adsense) on fixed positions within your social network and earn money.

Banner Rotation

Our ad manager allows you to easily add as many banners as you like and have them displayed in an automatic rotation.